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ren-fair-clothing, rennaissance-faire-clothing

he Dealy Express family of companies (which operates in eleven states, with online sales across North America and all over the world) is a small business that began nearly two decades ago as a specialty apparel retailer in Doug and Kim Dealy’s house. 

The dream was to become a company focused on high quality, one- of- a- kind leather footwear. Quickly outgrowing the garage, we relocated to a small rented space in 1999.


Now, twenty years and several moves later, Renboots is known across the country for unique, high quality boots and top-notch period costume accessories. We are also a staple at Medieval and Renaissance festivals stretching from the Rockies to the Atlantic and from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico.

ren-fair-clothing, rennaissance-faire-clothing
ren-fair-clothing, rennaissance-faire-clothing

e are proud to say that our boots and leather products are made in America, which allows for complete quality control and the best product output available from us.

Over the years, our workmanship and dedication to providing customer satisfaction has allowed us to retain our original customer base and provided the foundation to grow and expand, utilizing the next generation of the family in this constantly changing market.


We have created, evolved and changed our designs over the past two decades. All of this has allowed us to provide unique looks for our customers with custom designs and creativity to allow the wearer to have a fashion statement that is theirs alone.


In 2005 we designed the Kommando Kilt and added the Scot Shoppe to the Dealy Express Family of Companies. Created with the wearer in mind, this re-imagining of the iconic Scottish kilt has a traditional look, complemented by modern fabrics, convenient pockets, and an adjustable waistband for custom, comfortable fit.


Before long we were offering a wide range of kilts, footwear, sporrans, belts, shirts, dresses, and other beautiful Scottish accessories, making us a one stop shop for all your Celtic needs!


All of this allows for us to provide high quality products in a wide range of needs to serve whatever the customer may need in Medieval, Renaissance or Celtic period clothing.

Look us up online at or

Check out our event schedule to find out when we’ll be at a festival near you! Can’t make it out to see us in person? You can shop our apparel online any time!


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8520 SW 2nd St

Oklahoma City, OK 73128

Office Phone: 405-787-2123

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ren-fair-clothing, rennaissance-faire-clothing

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