Sizing Your Kilt

Proper Measuring:

You will need a tape measure. Using the tape, take a measurement directly around your navel.

For accurate results, remove anything you don’t plan on actually wearing underneath your kilt– some garments affect the shape of your body and give a false dimension.  

(By the same token, don’t hold in your stomach; we’re trying to get as comfortable and precise a fit as possible.)  

The measurement around someone’s  midsection is usually several inches larger than their pants size.

Proper kilt length: Your kilt should come down to the middle of your knee.  Measure the distance between your navel and your mid- to lower-knee. Our standard kilt length is 22″; the Kommando Kilts are available in ‘Standard’ (22 inch length) or ‘Long’ (24 inch length).  


If you need a specialty size, no problem!  Just contact us, and we will create a custom kilt just for you.  (Please allow four to six weeks for custom kilts.)