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When it's not a cutlass or some other bladed weapon, a pirate is always liable to draw out a pistol for defense! This intricately-detailed replica pistol is a steadfast companion to bring with you on your travels without taking up too much room. Never let your guard down, you scurvy dog! And if you need a method to carry it, check out our pistol holsters, pistol baldrics, and belts!  


*Please note: This replica pistol is equipped with a simulated loading and firing mechanism. See sidebar for important information and warnings. 


Replica pistol's barrel measures 8.5" long, with a grip 3" long. Total length of item is approx 15". There are styles for both right-handed draw and left-handed draw. Design of replica pistol varies between left-draw and right-draw, and is subject to change due to availability. 


Call customer service at 405-787-2123, or email to inquire about in-store availability, color options, or any other questions.

Standard Pistol

Metal Finish
  • - This replica pistol should be used ONLY in the home as a display model or collector's item, or for supervised theatrical or training purposes. When handling this replica pistol, treat it with the same respect as you would if it was a live, (un)loaded pistol. 

    - Avoid excessive dry firing as this may cause breakage to the replica pistol's mechanical parts. To avoid mechanical failures, keep this replica pistol lightly lubricated and cleaned before and after each use.

    - THIS REPLICA PISTOL IS NOT A TOY. This replica pistol should ALWAYS be used under the supervision of a responsible adult. DO NOT leave this replica pistol accessible to children or irresponsible adults. Improper or unsupervised use could lead to bodily harm. This company will not claim responsibility for the improper use of this replica pistol.

    - This replica pistol should never be carried on the streets, pointed at anyone in a threatening or joking manner, hidden on your person, or left carelessly in your car or personal belongings. The carrying, handling, or brandishing of this replica pistol in public may cause undue panic and receive a heightened response from law enforcement, resulting in possible injury or death to the wielder.

    - Be sure to check your local laws and event rules for any restrictions regarding replica pistols. 

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