Sporran with Plonge

Sporran with Plonge


Take your ensemble to the next step with a design added to our classic sporran!


Measuring 8.5″ high and 7.5″ wide our classic sporran expands to 3″ deep when full, yet lays flat when empty. All sporrans include our all leather strap (no chains to snag kilt).


Strap: The genuine leather Sporran Strap goes around your waste, connects with a solid brass buckle, and attaches to the back of the Sporran with swivel-head snap hooks. We will punch the belt holes for you! Just let us know what size. We use only Latigo cowhide leather on the strap, the same as the front lid of our Sporrans, in a nice satin black finished leather. The buckle and snap hooks come in Nickel or Antique Brass, which also match the hardware on the Sporrans, so the whole piece has a finished, uniform look.


Choose from any of our hand crafted Plonge Patterns!


All of our sporrans are handmade of real leather; therefore, product pictures are representational only. Please call customer service at 405-787-2123, or email custserv@kommandokilts.com to inquire about in-store availability, color options, or for any other questions.