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Add that finishing piece to your look with one of our Made-in-USA Musketeer leather hats! These are an upgrade from our Cavalier hats: you get a thicker hat band, two color plumes, and beautiful embroidery around the brim! With your choice of hat band and plume colors, you'll find the unique combination that perfectly complements your whole attire!  


*Please note: Brown Size Small is a special order, please contact us for questions on availability.


Brim measures 16" front to back, with 4" top depth. Sweatband is velcroed inside of hat, allowing removal for cleaning and fit adjustment. Right-side turn-up only. Turn-up is screwed to top of hat, and can be unscrewed if desired, especially for cleaning/maintenance. Price includes hat, one hat band of choice, embroidery around the brim, and two plumes of choice. Embroidery is picked at random based on availability. Plumes are subject to change in shade due to dye batch, as well as size due to availability. Additional plumes/hat bands can be ordered separately at additional cost. If you wish to order the hat with no embellishments, please contact us directly.


Call customer service at 405-787-2123, or email to inquire about in-store availability, color options, or any other questions.

Musketeer Leather Hat

Leather Color
Plume Color #1
Plume Color #2

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