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If you want a more uniform, solid look with your kilt, our leather military belts are a great option! With strong, thick leather and a long velcro track, these belts allow for the best fitment without the worry of punching more holes. Looking for belt buckles? Our gorgeous, 100% lead-free pewter Don McKee Buckles (pictured here) work best with this style belt! 


Sizes (measued from metal bracket to end of velcro/length):

Small - 3 feet

Medium - 3 feet 9 inches

Large - 4 feet

XLarge - 4 feet 7 inches

XXLarge - 5 feet


Measures 2.25" thick, with lengths varying between 3' and 5', to include the velcro portion. Sizes and measurements are total length of belt, from metal bracket to end of velcro. Factor in approx 3-6" used for velcro closure when sizing belt. Belt buckle is optional, as the velcro can be wrapped around metal bracket or belt buckle bar. No hole punches are made with this belt; rather, the velcro allows for adjustment for best fitment, and will fit most, if not all, kilts. Design is subject to change due to availability.


Call customer service at 405-787-2123, or email to inquire about in-store availability, color options, or any other questions.

Military Style Leather Belt


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