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When you need more storage space, but don't have a lot of belt space left, try the double pouch! Each leather pouch is equipped with a simple leather latch string for security, while allowing easy access to either pouch when needed. Designed with space in mind, our double pouches will give you the extra space you need, without taking up too much space on your belt! 


Measures up to 10″ high when worn properly, and 7″ wide at the bottom of each pouch. Each pouch can expand up to 3″ deep at the top when full, yet lays flat when empty. Can attach to a belt up to any belt width due to its method of wear. Leather and concho colors available below. 


Please allow six to eight weeks to create and ship your product if it is not in stock. Call customer service at 405-787-2123, or email to inquire about in-store availability, color options, or any other questions.

Double Leather Pouch


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