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Why "Get Your Green On"?

St. Patrick's Day! Everyone knows it, most people love it (bartenders usually do, at least), and for one day of the year anyone and everyone is Irish! But why do people actually wear green on this special day?

Yes, Ireland is the majestic green isle we all hear myths and stories about, with dreams of seeing her breathtaking coastlines and living a simple cottage life. Fae, faeries, fairies, or however you want to spell it, are interwoven throughout Ireland's folklore and tales, with one such fae being the most prominent: Leprechauns! Folklore tradition dictates that if a person wished to become invisible to these tiny mischief makers, then that person would need to wear green garb to avoid the hard pinches those little devils give! These days, though, the reason to wear green has expanded to honoring Irish ancestry, bringing good luck, and many others.

So, unless you want to be swatting away those fingers that nip more than mosquitoes in the middle of a humid summer, "get your green on" and enjoy all that March 17th has to offer!

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