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Renaissance Faires & Their Footwear

Renboots prides itself on its ability to balance historical accuracy with modern-day comfort, adding up to a timeless style of boot or shoe for you to wear to the annual Renaissance faire, Burns Night, or even your daily grind! Have you ever wondered, though, exactly how accurate some footwear is, and how certain styles came to be popular for Renaissance events?

As is commonly found while studying the culture of clothing of any age, Renaissance footwear was not limited to one style or fashion fad, yet was greatly determined by one's social status and gender. Due in part to the increased trade of new and exotic materials, shoes evolved from being the most humbled part of clothing, serving purely to protect the feet from rough terrain, to becoming one of the most extravagant pieces of accessory money could buy. Boots that were calf length, form-fitting, and laced up the sides overtook the old leather clogs typically worn for outdoor wear. Adornments such as silk, ribbons, and trim were added to the rich-person's shoes to signify their status of wealth. In fact, to restrict extravagance in attire so social status wasn't blurred, rules called "sumptuary laws" were introduced to ensure that everyone dressed according to their rank.

We at Renboots can say our footwear is heavily influenced by the myriad of styles that came out of the Renaissance era, to include examples such as the "Bateau", "Caligae", and "Carbatinae". While we know some prices today can be daunting, our goal is to keep our footwear budget-friendly, while using the finest leather and materials available to best serve your feet. After all, as many at a Ren faire would say, "Happy Feet, Happy Meet!"

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