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According to legend, a slumbering party of Scottish warriors were saved from an invading Norse army's ambush when one of the Norsemen stepped on the spiky plant, his anguished cry breaking the silence and waking the Scotsmen. Soon after, the thistle became the national flower and symbol of Scotland! Made of stamped steel, these kilt pins come in a wide variety of styles to match any outfit. Comes in plated chrome or black antique finish. Size of kilt pin ranges between 85mm - 120mm. 


Please note: Each kilt pin is individually crafted, and therefore can have slight differences in appearance. Most noticeable variation is, but is not limited to, the pin bar placement.


Due to photo count restrictions, we are not able to post pictures of all variations. Call customer service at 405-787-2123, or email to inquire about in-store availability, color options, or any other questions.

Solid Thistle Kilt Pins