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The "OG" of Renaissance Faires

Ah, the Renaissance Period. A time of rebirth and rediscovery of the arts, philosophy, and literature! From the 14th to 17th centuries, a lot of what we acknowledge today as world-changing artistic and literature achievements came out of this highly-respected and heavily-researched time of humanity. So much so, that we have a driving need to experience it all across the United States (and in some other countries) in the forms of faires and festivals! But when and where did our love and passion to reenact the Renaissance period begin?

Let's go back to California in 1963. In Los Angeles of that year, a couple by the name of Phyllis and Ron Patterson decided to raise money for a local radio station by hosting the "Renaissance Pleasure Faire", a revolutionary blending of historical reenactment with performative art. In that one weekend, it's estimated that around 8,000 people attended, a surprising success for such a small, first-of-its-kind event. This fortuitous outcome led to a dramatic rise in such events springing up across the US during the 70's and 80's, with the main goals of providing educational yet immersive entertainment to the public regarding historical facts of the Renaissance era. Throughout the years, these faires and festivals have greatly impacted the culture and community surrounding the arts and theatre, creating and cultivating a thriving world of magical experiences, historical education, and family-friendly environments that are interactive and immersive for all ages and backgrounds.

So when you go to your next (or even first) Renaissance faire/festival, be sure to take your time taking in everything you see, hear, and feel! There's nothing quite like a Renaissance faire, and no matter how many you go to, each visit will always have its own unique and magical atmosphere! We'll see you soon, huzzah!

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