How to Choose a Kilt: Part 4 Kilt Accessories

Now that you’re all sorted out with your perfectly fitted tartan kilt, let’s accessorize! What’s a Scottish outfit without all the accessories, eh?

Kilts and Accessories

First, let’s begin with the Fly Paid. What’s a Fly Paid you ask? Well, only the flyest accessory of them all! The Fly Plaid is a long piece of fabric, sort of like a scarf, that matches your kilt.  These babies date back to the 18th century, introduced around the time modern kilts replaced the Great Kilt and the traditional Féileadh Mòr (Great Plaid) worn in the Scottish Highlands.

Unlike a Sash (which makes a loop around the body), a Fly Plaid is pinned to the chest with a brooch and draped over one shoulder. At Kommando Kilts, we offer some of our very own handcrafted Celtic adornment, such as the Pewter Brooch or the Fireman Brooch, as well as other more traditional artwork– in fact, some of the Celtic designs in these brooches can be traced back to Early Medieval metalwork!

Now onto another must-have accessory – the sporran!

A sporran, which is actually Scottish Gaelic for “purse,” is the perfect accessory to go along with the traditionally pocketless kilt. Where else will you carry your wallet and keys? Our hand crafted sporrans are exclusively made from %100 high-quality leather, and are available as a single pouch, a double pouch, or with a genuine fur accent. They are typically worn along the waist, hanging right below the belt buckle, which we also offer. 😉 If you really want to go all out and make sure the sporran complements your kilt, we even offer a classic Sporran with Tartan. This way you’ll match all around!

Now that you’re filled in on a few common accessories used to add the finishing touches to your Scottish attire, come join us at one of our upcoming shows! Check out our 2016 schedule to see when we’ll be near you. 🙂

Just know there are still countless accessories available to help spice up your outfit, including traditional Scottish hats and much more! Make sure to take a look at some our previous posts if you’re in need of some guidance on choosing the right kilt or sett before you deep dive into the accessorizing!

5 thoughts on “How to Choose a Kilt: Part 4 Kilt Accessories

  1. Doug Mittelstaedt says:

    Looking for wash and care instruction for my fusion Hamilton I purchased at Gen Con. Can’t find any on site, dry clean? Worried about the snap straps!

    • Chris Daugherity says:


      Thank you for your purchase with Kommando Kilts! I have talked with the owner of the company and they have recommended dry cleaning. You can go back with some Mink oil afterwards to rehydrate the straps.

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