‘Tree of Life’ Sporrans


All new!  One of the most iconic images in history, mankind has always been drawn to the mystery and symbolism of the Tree of Life.  Representing balance and harmony, wisdom and purity, life and rebirth, the earliest Celts would select a sacred tree called the crann bethadh, and hold ceremonies and anoint chieftains under its shadow.

Inspired by the classic Celtic design, we have created a new knotwork tree and matching die-cast concho, which are available in Antique Silver, Antique Brass, or Antique Copper.  Truly a one-of-kind original!

Measures 8.5″ high and 7.5″ wide. Regular Sporran expands to a full 3″ deep when full, yet lays flat when empty.  All Sporrans include a genuine leather strap (no chains to snag kilts).

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