Baby Sporran with Hair


A smaller version of our regular Leather Sporran!  Measures 5 1/2 inches high by 4 inches wide, with a piece of real hair-on animal fur!  (Also available in in Classic and Super Sporran varieties.) Each piece of hair on is different with colors and patterns ranging from white, brown, tan, and black.

Strap: The genuine leather Sporran Strap goes around your waist, connects with a solid brass buckle, and attaches to the back of the Sporran with swivel-head snap hooks.  (We’ll punch the belt holes for you! Just let us know what size.)  We use only Latigo cowhide leather on the strap, the same as the front lid of our Sporrans, in either satin black or a rich “pull-up” brown.  The buckle and snap hooks come in Pewter or Antique Brass, which also match the hardware on the Sporrans, so the whole piece has a finished, uniform look.

Standard: Black Leather with Silver Concho, Black Leather with Brass Concho, Brown Leather with Brass Concho.


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